Angie Fox has done it again. In the latest adventure featuring the fabulous demon slayer Lizzie Brown, Fox deftly creates complex characters with a gift for gab, weaving multiple storylines together to create side-splitting encounters that are both romantic and suspenseful. Lizzie is a wonderful heroine, she is immensely likable with a fantastic inner monologue. Her pairing with griffin boyfriend Dimitri Kallinikos is explosive. It is interesting to watch this relationship play out, especially now that the newness has worn off of it and the couple is struggling to keep their romance alive. Fox also adds to the story with a strong supporting cast of characters. Every additional character, no matter how minor, enhances the story with detail and nuance.

Who would have thought that being a demon slayer would put such a cramp in your love life? Lizzie Brown just wants to have a normal date with longtime love Dimitri Kallinikos. Instead she has her hands full with her grandmother who is hell bent on jumpstarting a new bar scene and a gang of biker witches who have invested in giving her a new look. And that’s before her fallen angel father re-enters her life trying to keep from becoming fully demonic. Despite the fact that everyone is telling Lizzie to leave well enough alone, she sets out to make her way cross country to help him. But along the way all hell breaks loose — literally and now Lizzie is smack in the middle of an epic war, has been marked for death and, on top of all of that, is trying to keep her relationship alive. (Self-Publish, Nov. 2010, dl. $4.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Maria Planansky