Despite knowing that playboy Jamie Upton is only using her, Jazzy Talbot still has a hard time cutting him out of her life. Even though he is engaged, Jamie doesn't hesitate to tomcat around. But Jamie's dissolute ways become his undoing when he's brutally murdered.

Local psychic Genny Madoc has a vision of Jamie being tortured to death. While she can't fully see the woman committing the acts, she gets a glimpse of red hair. Neither Genny nor Sheriff Jacob Butler can believe their lifelong friend Jazzy could commit such a horrific act.

Jazzy's life is in complete turmoil. Not only is she the prime suspect in Jamie's murder, she also finds herself unwillingly attracted to bouncer Caleb McCord. When the killer strikes again, fear resonates throughout the small community of Cherokee Point. Jamie left a lot of angry, broken women in his wake—which one of them finally snapped?

Following up on last year's terrific thriller, The Fifth Victim, Barton delivers a dark, extremely graphic and terrifying new thriller. Hang on to your seats! (Jan., 416 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith