Image of Last Dragon Standing


Image of Last Dragon Standing

The adventures of Dragon Queen Rhiannon’s offspring continue in another offbeat tale that’s filled with buckets of humor as well as a dash of treachery. The hero and heroine have been secondary characters before, so readers will enjoy seeing them get their romantic comeuppance. Although Aiken’s dragon books are laugh-out-loud funny, they also contain dark threads of peril, which makes them great escape fare.

Princess Keita, daughter of Queen Rhiannon, hasn’t seen her family in nearly two years. She’s been busy manipulating men and embarking on her own mysterious agenda. Ragnar the Cunning is ordered by Rhiannon to bring her beloved son Eibhear home. Rhiannon also wants her suspected traitor sister Esyld brought in. Ragnar and his crew stumble across Keita as she escapes her own “execution,” and the sparks fly. There is danger in the kingdom, as human Queen Annwyl the Bloody fears for the lives of her toddler twins. The entire family must pull together to stop a growing evil. (ZEBRA, Sep., 480 pp., $6.99)
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Jill M. Smith