The only child of the cruel Marquis of Tragmore, Daphne Wyndham dreams of the legendary Tin Cup Bandit-a Robin Hood-style outlaw who turns his ill-gotten gains over to the poor. Daphne has never forgotten her one childhood visit to a squalid workhouse and the brutality she witnessed.

It is the bandit's adventures that fill Daphne with hope and enable her to rebel against her father's ruthless dictates. When the legend walks into her bedroom, Daphne believes she is living a dream.

Pierce Thornton has raised himself from workhouse brat to wealthy man with only one thought on his mind: revenge. He will bring the ton-especially Daphne's father-to ruin no matter what. However, his plans take a new course once he meets Daphne and inherits the title of the Duke of Markham.

To claim his birthright, Pierce must marry and sire an heir. When new circumstances arise, Pierce realizes that only by marrying Daphne can he both fulfill the stipulation and save her life.

As Pierce believes he has rescued Daphne, so too does she know that she will be the one to save his soul by sharing his work and bringing him the love he needs.

You'll be totally enamored of the Tin Cup Bandit and this delicious love story from a multi-talented author. Andrea Kane brings warmth, humor and passion to a story designed to lift your spirit and bring both a smile and tears to you heart. SENSUAL (June, 369 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin