Having an internationally renowned hit man on her trail is not something romance author Dani Gwynne ever dreamed could happen. But after witnessing her ex-brother-in-law, Richard Hastings, committing a murder and agreeing to testify against him, she learns a little too late that he has mob connections.

Dani has been in protective custody awaiting the start of Richard?s trial, but hit man Jonathan Hayes, who she calls the Dark Lord, still finds her. In the blood bath that ensues, Dani miraculously escapes when Jonathan mistakes U.S. Marshal Peg Oliver for Dani.

It is time to call in the big guns, so U.S. Marshal Matthew Kirby and his team are assigned the case. First off, they have to recover their missing witness. But Dani has different plans. She no longer trusts anyone, so it will be up to her to stay alive and out of the killer?s hands.

Luckily, Dani has recently made a lot of friends over the internet. One, an ex-CIA-type named Spook has been helpful in teaching Dani ways to circumvent tracing. She can apply all she has learned to try to stay one step ahead of both the Dark Lord and Matt. Even though he is frustrated at her machinations, Matt can?t help but admire her guts and determination, not to mention her great legs. Dani has another admirer as well, who knows her only as Willow, her internet nickname. Spook has decided she is his true mate. But who exactly is he?

Pauline B. Jones is back with another terrific tale that will make readers want to savor each and every line. More suspenseful than her first book, THE LAST ENEMY still contains a large element of humor that really spices up this dynamite novel. (Jan., 369 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith