Casey’s third Maeve Kerrigan novel is her best yet. The mystery twists and turns its way to an unexpected, perfectly satisfying ending, and readers gain more insight into Maeve’s personal life. American readers looking for something in the vein of Tana French or Denise Mina should start reading Casey immediately.

DC Maeve Kerrigan is assigned to investigate the murders of Vita and Laura Kennford, the wife and daughter of criminal defense attorney Philip Kennford.Her partner is the borderline-odious DI Josh Derwent. The case is frustrating, since Philip and Vita’s surviving daughter, Lydia, is uncooperative and self-harming, and a bevy of unexpected people seem to be connected to the case, including a supermodel and members of a Lithuanian organized crime syndicate. In addition, Kerrigan’s personal and professional lives are growing increasingly complicated, as her boyfriend, Rob, is acting strangely and her boss, DS Godfrey, is making decisions that don’t seem wholly ethical. (Minotaur, May, 368 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Klose