When she's called to report to the Atlanta Police's Homicide Special Crimes Unit, detective Jess Brubraker has no idea that the case will strike close to home.

Thirteen years ago, while working as a stripper, Jess' twin sister, Ginny, disappeared. Now a serial killer targeting exotic dancers is on the loose. Jim Hennicut, the detective in charge, specifically requests Jess' help because he knows her abilities—and because her looks are perfect for this undercover job. But bureaucratic politics leave them short-staffed, so Jim looks to an old friend for backup.

Former Army ranger turned martial arts instructor Hank Kamien has very unique skills. After nearly being killed in an explosion, Hank developed a psychic gift that enables him to help track killers. Knowing that this killer will strike again soon, Jess and Hank must swiftly enter the sordid world of strippers. Hank quickly picks up vibes from the killer, but nothing about this case seems to add up. Meanwhile, each seductive routine that Jess performs could be leading her closer to death.

Add Lisle's name to the list of exceptional romantic suspense authors. Gritty drama, eerie paranormal twists and heart-pounding suspense make Last Girl Dancing well worth the price. (Jul., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith