Friarsgate heiress Elizabeth Meredith needs a husband, according to her mother, Rosamund Hepburn, who asks her cousin Thomas Bolton to take Elizabeth to court. But Elizabeth doesn't want a spouse. She's proven herself capable of managing the estate and a profitable sheep enterprise. A husband would complicate matters and usurp her power. Also, with Henry VIII moving to remove Katherine of Aragon as queen and marry Anne Boleyn, the court is a hotbed of intrigue and power plays--no place for an innocent at politics like Elizabeth.

Then Scotsman Baen MacColl arrives. Braw, raw and sexy, he attracts Elizabeth since he's not at all like the men she knows. His plain, outspoken nature matches her own, and he has plans that don't include marriage. This makes him the challenge she needs, and they begin to play a quick game of catch me if you can.

When you have two strong-willed characters with their own agendas and political alliances, you have an explosive situation in and out of bed. Small brings all the drama of the era--Elizabeth befriends Anne against her family's wishes--and the passion she is known for to her latest glamorous, riveting romance. SENSUAL (Oct., 408 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin