As a writer for Argus Magazine, Lydia Grenville achieves her fondest wish: to be independent and beholden to no one. As the anonymous author of the "Rose of Thebes" she has most of the inhabitants of London enthralled and waiting for further installments.

She is a female not to be tampered with, for one look from her frigid blue eyes is enough to freeze the devil's own soul. That devil is Vere Mallory, Duke of Ainswood.

Vere thinks Lydia is a fine figure of a woman, even though her tongue is sharp enough to slice. Vere decides to seduce "Miss Innocence" and finds himself involved in her dangerous escapades to bring down Coralie Brees, a notorious and unscrupulous procuress of naive ladies. But his seduction slowly evolves into something more lasting-marriage.

Can the last "Mallory Hellion" accept the love that Lydia now so willing gives? Or will he turn that love away as he so often did in the past?

A spin-off of Lord of Scoundrels, THE LAST HELLION is a book to enjoy over and over. The novel brings to the reader wittiness, laughter and just the right amount of emotion. SENSUAL (Apr., 378 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond