Image of Last Kiss


Image of Last Kiss

Love and loss are at the heart of this tale. While it starts out a bit slowly due to some overly thorough details, the pace picks up midway through the book. Readers who stick with it will
be rewarded.

The small-town community of Hubbard's Point, Conn., is dealing with the mysterious death of one of its own: Charlie Rosslare. After going to New York City to attend college, 18-year-old Charlie is murdered, and the police have no leads. His mother, singer-songwriter Sheridan, is trying to rebuild her life, but she's having a difficult time resuming her music without him. Nell Kilvert, Charlie's girlfriend, hires a detective, Gavin Dawson, to investigate his death. Seeing Gavin brings back emotions Sheridan put aside years earlier. Will the investigation, as well as the appearance of Charlie's half-brother, bring the family additional pain or the closure they've been seeking? (BANTAM, Aug., 352 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee