Showalter shows off a talent for innovation in her launch of the Otherworld Assassin series, which features a small group of “otherworlders” living on Earth, where they are caged like zoo animals. This dark and edgy novel features two damaged protagonists trapped in a horrific situation with few options. Their growing relationship is tender and touching despite their circumstances and it really strikes a powerful romantic chord. Settle back and enjoy this truly fantastic read!

Since they were children, Solo, John and Corbin have been trained by Michael Black to be elite agents; but in spite of this preparation, they are ambushed and captured by the evil Gregory Star. When Solo regains consciousness he finds he has been sold to a twisted circus that displays otherworlders as caged attractions. In a chilling twist, magic allows this circus to vanish when threatened. Vika Lukas is also trapped by the circus, but in a different fashion.Vika’s father is the circus owner and deaf Vika is tasked with taking care of the “animals.” Beaten and tortured by her father, Vika continues to hunt for a way to free the captives from their magical prison. Solo’s arrival proves to be a catalyst: Vika is determined save this dangerous man. (POCKET, Jan., 450 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith