THE LAST KOLOVSKY PLAYBOY (4) by Carol Marinelli: Kate is eight months pregnant when she meets Aleksi Kolovsky. The billionaire doesn’t find Kate attractive, but something about her touches his heart, and he strikes up a friendship with her once her daughter, Georgie, is born. That friendship is tested once Kate becomes his assistant and winds up in the middle of his feud with his mother and a rival businessman. If only Aleksi hadn’t had an auto accident that caused him to forget some critical details he needs to run his family’s empire. Posing as Aleksi’s fiancée causes Kate to lose her heart to a man who has never trusted anyone. A heartwarming story about taking a chance and not letting the past destroy the future. It is strengthened by two engaging lead characters and a satisfying ending. Little Georgie is sympathetically and realistically portrayed.
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes