In THE LAST LIGHT, Ana Salazar engages readers in a tried-and-true plot. The strength of her story, however, lies in her characters. The heroine, Grace, starts off as a mouse and develops into a fiery lioness, and the hero, Damian, learns to love again. I'd love to read further stories about some of the secondary characters and will certainly be on the look-out for Ms. Salazar's next book.

Damian Ward, Duke of Carisbrooke, is called upon to infiltrate a dangerous sect -- the Brotherhood of Baal.

He is attracted to the widow Grace Radbyrne, who is connected in some way. The feeling is mutual, but Grace's main goal is finding her brother Triston.

Their feelings become more serious until Damian reads a letter addressed to Grace.

Now the love that developed is hidden away and only time will tell if it will be brought back out to light.

($5.50 dl)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley