Image of The Last Lone Wolf (Silhouette Desire)


Image of The Last Lone Wolf (Silhouette Desire)

THE LAST LONE WOLF (4.5) by Maureen Child: When Daisy Saxon shows up at his ranch answering an ad for a cook, Jericho King knows trouble's brewing. First, she's the sister of a man who died while under his command. Second, his hormones go on high alert when he sees her and that's the last thing this lone wolf needs. Daisy believes that the military -- and, specifically, Jericho -- owes her a baby to make up for her lost family. Intent on seducing Jericho and getting pregnant, Daisy almost overlooks the fact that she is falling hard and fast for this wounded man. Nobody handles family drama (and comedy) with a finer hand than Child. This is one of her finest, with witty dialogue and spine-tingling romance.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper