Working for her family's foundation, Leslie Hall-Grumman is frustrated by her inability to handle, Dr. Peter Havistock. The Wimberly Foundation has always supported cutting-edge science and academic theories, which is why they're sponsoring Dr. Havistock's book tour to colleges and universities. Havistock was stranded in the jungle at age 14. Raised by the Antoroks, a stone-age tribe located in Papua New Guinea, they made him their representative to the outside world.

The superbly conditioned Peter nearly causes a female riot at Yale when he strips down to his native tribal garments— on stage! Suddenly this book tour is the hottest ticket in town; even the Harry King Live show wants an interview.

Leslie knew allowing Peter to go on air was a mistake, but she had no idea he'd reveal that because he was not allowed to marry one of the female members of the tribe, he is still a virgin who is currently on a wife hunt. Pandemonium breaks out in the streets around the studio, and Leslie and Peter are forced to flee. She suspects Peter is up to something, but doesn't know what. However, he's made it clear that he considers Leslie prime wife material.

Only Katherine Deauxville could come up with such a truly wild premise and make it work so well. THE LAST MALE VIRGIN is outrageously funny, sexy and adventurous. What an amazing romp! (Sep., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith