Image of The Last Man on Earth


Image of The Last Man on Earth

Warren steps out of historical mode to tell this tale of office romance. It’s a well-done version of this oft-told plot with characters who slowly reveal more of their depth in a believable manner. While there is certainly sizzle, it’s nice that the pages are not all devoted to detailed descriptions of exactly what is done in the bedroom, but instead to how the characters think and feel about their growing emotional involvement.

Madelyn is a rising star at her ad agency, but the thorn in her side is also her chief rival for director, Zack. Charming and good looking, Zack works the old boy network well, leaving Madelyn to battle for every scrap of business she can get for the agency. It drives her crazy, and she isn’t afraid to tell Zack what she thinks of him. Zack thinks the lovely redhead is adorable and he would love to get his hands on her, but he’s not going to confirm or deny her accusations. When an office party ends with a hot one-night stand, they decide to have a secret affair but keep their competitive office relationship intact. The more time they spend together, the more they come to like each other, but they have very different pasts and very different ideas about happily ever after. (SIGNET SELECT, Jan., 352 pp., $7.99)
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Bunny Callahan