With all the men in town gone to the gold fields, Lucas Garrett is the only virile, able-bodied young man left and all the women think hes fair game for love.

Longing for a nights peace, Lucas convinces his best friend and childhood companion Priscilla Wentworth to pose as his fianci to keep the women away. Priscilla agrees, but only if Lucas will find her a suitable real husband.

Thus the stage is set for a very warmhearted, very funny Americana-style romance with a cast of women characters who will remind each of us of someone we know. Sometimes these women meddle in Lucas and Priss affair, driving them toward one another and then away. Even so, there is a sense that everyone cares about Pris, Lucas, and Priss venture to revive the towns business, the Maple Hill Bottling Company. But its their joint scheme to fool the town that gets them into trouble as innocent kisses turn into a wildfire that neither one wants to put out.

With her delightful sense of humor and ability to create real, likable characters, Susan Kay Law has a true charmer in THE LAST MAN IN TOWN, a romance with a big heart and feminist overtones. Just dont be the last one in your town to read Susan Kay Laws terrific, sexy tale. SENSUAL (June, 375 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin