Three provocative and seductive novellas tied together by a legend, a locket and a lasting love make one spellbinding read.

In 531 A.D., Prince Aedan is attacked by enemies and finds himself on Kell in the care of Ione, who rescued him from the sea. As he recovers, Aedan is torn between his growing love for the beautiful siren and his duty to his people. It is up to Ione to help him, even at the risk of losing him.

Seven hundred years later, Ronan MacMhuirich, Earl of Kell, suspects someone is out to kill him. It doesn't occur to him that the lovely Dona Leila is the hired assassin until they begin to fall in love. Ronan's faith in her is tested as Leila struggles with whether to complete her mission or save his life.

In the present, Ruri Kell is surprised when she inherits an island. Then a stranger, Iain MacInnes, offers her a fortune for the isle on the condition that she visit it. Iain hopes to lure the last of the Kells home, help her discover her birthright and complete the circle broken by legend. Will love end the ancient curse?

You'll be spellbound as you're swept into a world where myth merges with reality. This anthology pushes the boundaries and places Abé in league with the finest romance writers. SENSUAL (Jun., 600 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin