Judge Dana Hamilton and her sister, Vanessa Coltrane, share a dark secret that could destroy them both. When Dana becomes a candidate for the Superior Court of Hawaii, blackmail letters begin arriving, threatening to derail her career.

Vanessa approaches Dana for help when she decides to divorce her husband, Eric, and try to retain custody of her young son, Jason. She has married into one of Hawaii's richest, most powerful, and difficult families.

Dana realizes she needs help dealing with both problems, so when a friend recommends reporter/ex-cop and security expert, Rob Tagett, Dana agrees. Rob has his own dark shadows to fight, having left the police force under a cloud of suspicion when he was accused of rape.

Posing as lovers, they can visit Big Daddy Coltrane's Maui estate without arousing suspicion. They soon uncover dark family secrets that threaten the stability of the Coltrane empire.

Award-winning author Meryl Sawyer surpasses herself with LAST NIGHT. Sensational suspense and riveting sexual tension make LAST NIGHT an unforgettable read. (Jan., 438 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith