The vivid descriptions of fighting and suffering in “The Last Night” make it easy to feel the characters’ desperation as they face the end of the world. However, despite the terrifying situation, heroine Erica’s refusal to give up will both amaze and impress readers. She is a fearless fighter, literally tested by fire. And Jake immediately recognizes her warrior spirit and sees her as everything that is still good and beautiful in a world gone mad. He trusts her with his secrets and his life. If only every man believed in his woman as much!

Ashers ... Fire Eaters, no matter what these monsters are called, the results are still the same, they burn and eat the humans who have survived the apocalypse that was brought on by a massive series of earthquakes which tore apart the Earth’s surface. Erica barely lived through the initial disaster, but in the past year she has learned to fight and survive in the dangerous new world. Unfortunately, Erica hasn’t discovered a weapon that can effectively bring down an Asher. When Jake appears out of the desert, and explains how to kill the creatures, Erica is suspicious of his motives. But after he saves her life several times, Erica has to admit that she just might have found a man her equal, a man worth fighting for. (CARINA PRESS, Feb., dl. $3.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*
Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne