THAT LAST NIGHT IN TEXAS (4) by Ann Evans: Thirteen years after being trampled by a horse and setting the love of her life free because she feared she’d never be whole again, Cassie McGuire is shocked when Ethan Rafferty shows up on her doorstep looking to buy a parcel of her ranch to open a training school for problem horses. Ethan’s arrival forces Cassie to tell him that her young son, Donny, is his. Angry that Cassie never told him, Ethan is determined to be a part of his Donny’s life, even though Cassie’s ex-husband has been raising him as his own. Soon, Cassie and Ethan realize that their feelings for each other have never died. Evans pens a heartwarming story about rekindling a romance years after a couple is broken apart due to a terrible accident.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay