Image of Last Night's Kiss


Image of Last Night's Kiss

Hailstock concludes the Claytons
series with Rosa's story, a rather mediocre tale. Those who've read the other books in this series may be disappointed that it's concluded with such little fanfare.

Highly sought-after model Rosa Clayton is tired of the rat race and takes leave for the summer to get some rest and spend time with a longtime friend in Montana.

Adam Osborne is a retired newsman who quit the business to care for his ailing father and run the family ranch. He's less than happy about being asked to meet Rosa at the airport, because in his business he knows "the type" and wants nothing to do with the superstar or her beauty. But as several crises hit, will the pair discover that being together is better than being apart? (Dafina, Nov., 277 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Eleanor S. Shields