Image of The Last Pirates


Image of The Last Pirates

These stories have a familiar ring to them but are pleasant reading. However, poor editing detracts from the flow of the book. The addition of historical characters and surroundings lends substance to the fiction.

Jean Lafitte is in his heyday and three of his fellow pirates meet their matches in these interwoven tales of ballrooms, bayous and bounty. Fiona is forced to meet Christian in secret but doesn’t realize he is using her to gather information for the famous pirate in “The Bayou Prince.” They find refuge in an abandoned shack and he introduces her to the wonders of lovemaking. Ilsa becomes “The Treasure of Campeche” in Marc’s eyes as he escorts her to Lafitte’s stronghold. His mistress causes problems for both of them in her attempt to maintain a hold on her lover. Emily conjures up “A Pirate of Her Own” when she spies Andre disembarking from a mystery ship. He comes to her rescue when she is pulled from her horse by an escaping slave. A mysterious woman brings them closer together. (HIGHLAND, Jul., 238 pp., $12.49)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown