Image of The Last Queen: A Novel


Image of The Last Queen: A Novel

Historian Gortner uses lyrical prose and fascinating historical details to illuminate the life of a forgotten queen whose passion and courageous spirit shaped the world in which she lived. Readers looking for more about the Renaissance, the Tudors and Spain will find it in this a
glorious and colorful drama.

The second daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand and the sister of Catherine of Aragon, Juana of Castile marries Philip, Archduke of Flanders. Having witnessed Columbus' discovery of the New World, her sister's divorce, the expulsion of the Jews and Moors from Spain and her parents' fractious marriage, Juana is prepared to wed for political reasons.

But she finds joy and passion in her marriage, until she's called home to take over the throne. As queen she finds herself on a different side than Philip and many of Europe's powerful men. Intent to fight for her country's freedom she is caught in a tragic web of betrayal and deceit and accused of being mad. But is she truly insane or just clever enough to appear mad in order to gain the time she needs to claim the throne? (Ballantine, Aug., 300 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin