Image of The Last Rake In London


Image of The Last Rake In London

Cornick gives the reader a fine overview of the Edwardian period. She combines a handsome rogue and an independent woman in this sexually charged romance that shows how true love can overcome guilt and heal wounded hearts.

Sally Bowes, the owner of the fashionable Blue Parrot Club, whose clientele includes King Edward and his entourage, is taken aback when Jack Kestrel accuses her of blackmailing his uncle and threatens to put her out of business. Though of the aristocracy, Jack is a self-made man, and Sally knows he has the money and connections to do so.

When the blackmailer turns out to be Sally's sister, Jack is relieved, because he's strongly attracted to the cool, elegant Sally. Their liaison is passionate, and Sally falls in love with Jack. But she soon realizes that he's driven by demons from his past, a guilt that consumes him and a misunderstanding that can tear them apart. (Harlequin, Jun., 273 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond