In her latest vampire novel, the red-hot MacAlister serves up a heroine whose complete refusal to see beyond the scientific gets her into dangerous waters. As always, the sexy humor, wild secondary characters and outlandish events make her novels pure escapist pleasure!

Physicist Portia Harding is a firm believer in facts that can be scientifically proven. So she's completely skeptical while visiting England's "magical" sites. But she gets a rude awakening when she accidentally summons the virtue Hope from the Court of Divine Blood. Hope says she is being threatened and passes on her gift of weather control to a startled Portia before disappearing.

Portia believes she's hallucinating, especially when handsome nephilim Theo North arrives claiming he will be her champion during the upcoming trials if she helps him gain acceptance to the Court. Unfortunately, Portia's skeptical nature gets them into dire straits when Theo's soul is taken and he becomes a vampire. Now, only by becoming his "beloved," can Portia hope to save Theo. And there remains the small problem of the Court's accusation that Portia murdered Hope. This is turning into some vacation trip. (SIGNET, Apr., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith