After drinking too much, Deverell Fairfax, Viscount Raleigh, finds himself in bed with an innocent and no memory of how he got there. Jane Trowbridge, the vicars daughter and sister to the lady of the house, is already deep in the exhausted sleep her overburdened existence brings on, when her brother-in-law unwittingly puts Raleigh in the same room.

The scandal, terrible for Jane, worse for her family, can be averted only by marriage. They both reluctantly consent and are wed the same day. The marriage doesnt suit either of them. Jane, always known as Plain Jane, brings no dowry and modest bloodlines. Raleigh, lighthearted, but indeed a Regency rogue, has squandered his allowance and wont inherit for years.

An inheritance from a distant uncle surprises the newlyweds and they go to inspect their new property.

Deborah Simmons adds a remote, very Gothic castle and ghostly events designed by mysterious forces to keep the couple from staying. The author exhilarates the reader with this bright novel and offers up a triumphant ending. SENSUAL (Sep., 336 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger