Feeling responsible for the death of a young woman, Lucas, Viscount Westmore, withdraws from London to a small village in Cornwall and stumbles upon a smuggling ring led by the elusive Shadow.

The loyal villagers tell him nothing, but he ferrets out the truth: Bliss Hartley, the squire's daughter, is the free trader. Every time he's near Bliss all Luc wants to do is protect her or make love to her.

Luc saves Bliss from the excise men by announcing she's his fiancée. They marry and go to London, but once there, Luc's past intrudes. Someone is out to kill him. Then a letter arrives telling Bliss her father may be dying. She returns home to find that someone else has assumed the Shadow's identity and the smugglers are still active. Will Luc get there in time to prevent her being hanged?

Like the other romances in the Rogue Series, this last book is a delight. Luc is everything a woman wants—honorable, sexy and easy to love. Strong-willed Bliss is his match, and readers will admire her. This is a must-read for Mason fans. SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager