Image of Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy, Book 6)


Image of Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy, Book 6)

Over the course of her six-book Vampire Academy series, Mead has proven that she is truly a deft storyteller. Through the
eyes of dhampir Rose Hathaway, readers have been along for the wild ride as a gutsy group of friends change the course of Moroi history. The final exhilarating installment is packed with explosive escapes, desperate road trips and mysterious tests. A fitting end to an amazing series!

In the aftermath of the shocking murder of Moroi Queen Tatiana, Rose is horrified to find herself thrown into a prison cell as the suspected murderer. Things are looking grim and Rose could be executed shortly after the funeral and selection of a new monarch. But Lissa, Christian, Dimitri, Adrian and Eddie have other plans. They bust Rose out of prison and Dimitri helps her hide, while the others search for the real killer. Plans change as Rose reveals Tatiana gave her startling news that could help gain Lissa her rightful Dragomir vote. As Rose and Dimitri hunt for Lissa’s possible sibling, Lissa stalls for time when she is forcibly thrust into competing in the tests for monarchy. Can they find the answers in time? (RAZORBILL, Dec., 595 pp., $17.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith