Image of Last Spy Standing


Image of Last Spy Standing
LAST SPY STANDING (4) by Dana Marton: Sassy, smart and sexy, with pitch-perfect action and two feisty, funny and dedicated agents, Spy is going to get three cheers from readers. Mitch Mendoza, a member of a top-secret military group, is trying to get the spoiled son of a U.S. governor out of a South American jungle when he stumbles across Megan Cassidy, who’s on a desperate mission of her own. Megan’s trying to pull the plug on the head of a drug cartel — and she wants to use the boy for bait. Before long, Mitch and Megan are charging through the rain forest to keep the kid from being killed. Megan is a trouble magnet, Mitch is a troubleshooter and the pair strikes sparks that have nothing to do with the job.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper