Image of Last Stop


Image of Last Stop

For readers who like their stories with cuffs and whips, Harper has penned a hot one. The sex between the men is fierce but loving, and spills firmly into the BDSM realm. The majority of the book is a good push and pull between the growing relationship and a deadly danger from the past. The story only stumbles in a few places, with clunky conversations and out-of-character actions. But for heat, spanking and kink, Harper delivers.

Sam Mayne hires Jay Colby, a drifter who wanders into his diner in small-town Montana. An instant chemistry lands them in bed together, despite a cloud of mystery surrounding both their pasts. It’s all temporary, they say, as Sam leads them on Jay’s first explorations of eager submission to Sam’s steamy hot dominance. That’s when Sam’s past catches up with him — and he’s got to leave town quickly — but Jay won’t be left behind. Each man is willing to sacrifice himself for the other, forcing them to face the truth that their temporary love is the forever kind. (SAMHAIN, May, 208 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison