Gifted horse trainer K.C. Houston arrived at the High Horse Ranch at the request of rancher Ross Weslin. However, instead of a job, he finds three formidable women banding together in sorrow following Ross' recent death.

Sally Weslin is a legend among Wyoming cattle ranchers. For decades following the deaths of her husband and son, Sally ran the ranch, then turned control over to her grandson Ross, who loved horses and dreamed of saving the herd of wild mustangs that roam across their land. Now Sally and her two granddaughters, Julia and Dawn, must decide whether to sell the ranch or run it themselves.

Dawn and Julia's initial instinct is to sell, but Julia has second thoughts once K.C. arrives. Julia never saw herself falling for a cowboy, and a younger man at that, but K.C. ignites hidden passions. His gift for breaking wild horses can help fulfill two of Ross' dreams: aside from saving the wild horses, he also wished to help troubled kids. Utilizing Julia's social work experience, Ross wanted to open the Painted Mountain Horse Partnership Camp.

With certain neighbors pushing hard for the sale of the ranch, it will take determination, hard work and love to make Ross' dreams a reality.

Let magical storyteller Kathleen Eagle immerse you in the dreams and loves of some very special characters. THE LAST TRUE COWBOY showcases Ms. Eagle's lyrical, captivating style of writing. (June, 387 pp., $20.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith