It's enigmatic shapeshifter Amiri's turn to shine as the Dirk and Steele crew ventures to Africa. As always, Liu's dense plot is filled with rich characters who have murky motives. Fast-paced events pull the story along while the deep wounds suffered by the heroine add poignancy. No question, Liu is at the top of her game.

Nothing could have prepared virus hunter Dr. Rikki Kinn for the horror of her new assignment. A plague has erupted in the Congo, but after her convoy is attacked, she suspects there's more going on than an outbreak. Rikki is rescued by two men, Amiri and Eddie, both of whom carry their own secrets.

Amiri hasn't returned to Africa since the Consortium kidnapped him, and he senses their twisted agenda in these events. Amiri has kept his heart is untouched, but Rikki is about to shatter that control. The stakes are high as killers with their own agendas attempt to gain the upper hand. (LEISURE, Feb., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith