Image of The Last Victim: A Novel


Image of The Last Victim: A Novel

Exceptional storyteller Robards takes a walk on the ghostly side with this unusual paranormal thriller. An intriguing police procedural crossed with a ghost story, this hunt for a serial killer is clever and creepy. It also features a splash of romance between the heroine and the ghost of a convicted killer. Leave it to Robards to deliver the start of a series that is distinctive and unforgettable!

When she was a teen, Dr. Charlotte Stone was the only survivor of the Boardwalk Killer. It was that event that caused Charlie to become a leading expert in serial killers. One day, while Charlie is interviewing convicted killer Michael Garland in prison, two things happen. First the FBI arrives, wanting her help on a new case that is frighteningly similar to the Boardwalk Killer, and then Garland is stabbed to death by another prisoner. Charlie tries to save Garland, but that doesn’t satisfy his angry ghost who starts following Charlie. Charlie is so good at her job because she sees ghosts. Garland, however, is not following the usual script. As Charlie races to stop a killer, she faces the fear that it could be the man she escaped once before! (BALLANTINE, Aug., 336 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith