Dr. Meredith Foster comes to Maine to fulfill her grandfather's wish to build a Viking longship. She returns home to find a strange man dressed in a leather tunic, with arm bands and leather boots. Meredith assumes someone is playing a joke because of her project.

Gelrolf Ericsson's ship gets caught in a storm, and when he wakes he is holding the figurehead of the ship, but has no idea where he is. Though on a mission for his father in 997, he has awakened in 1997.

At first Meredith does not believe he has traveled through time, but evidence seems to point that way. He is fascinated with modern devices from indoor showers to Oreos to "Home Improvement."

Rolf is extremely attracted to Meredith and begins courting her Viking style. After they wed in a Viking ceremony, however, Rolf tries, unsuccessfully, to return to his time. For six weeks he ponders the situation, trying to understand why he was sent to Meredith and how he can help his people. Once he finds the answers, Rolf returns to Meredith and discovers he must break through her reserve again.

THE LAST VIKING is a fun, fast-paced, page turner. The reader feels Sandra Hill's real joy in creating her story and the wordplay between the characters enhances the story. Though a change of pace for Ms. Hill, her fans will enjoy THE LAST VIKING as much as her other time-travel romances. (Apr., 391 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager