Image of The Last Warrior


Image of The Last Warrior

Fantasy writer Kristen Kyle moves into the realm of historical romance in a splendid, fast-paced and exciting story with sparks and sizzle from the very first page.

Meghan McLowry is searching for a man to protect her father from the ruthless leader of the Chinese Tong who will do anything to reclaim five priceless kantana swords. She believes Captain Jake Taggert is the ideal bodyguard.

Jake has no desire to guard anyone until he hears of the heirloom samurai swords. He has been searching for them since he fled his adopted family in Japan.

Jake is a trained warrior and a man on a mission, not someone the strong-willed Meghan can easily force to do her bidding. He intrigues her and awakens her passions. Jake, his unusual friends and even more exotic pets soon lay claim to the swords and her heart. But neither of them can foresee that their enemies plan to ruin them.

This hard-to-put-down, deftly crafted novel brings together the mystery and intrigue of the East and the wild West. With THE LAST WARRIOR, Kristen Kyle sweeps readers into an exotic, sensual world where the lines between western culture and Japanese honor merge. SENSUAL (June, 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin