Image of The Last Warrior (The Lost Clan Series)


Image of The Last Warrior (The Lost Clan Series)

Kay's series, about the legendary clans of the mists, concludes with an entertaining love story set against the backdrop of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. The unique setting adds to the romantic plot, with its colorful characters and circus atmosphere. Kay creates an ideal finish to her fascinating series.

Once every generation a boy of the clan is chosen to leave, grow up in the world of men and try to rescue his people from the Thunder God's curse. That warrior is Black Lion, who travels with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show to England.

There he meets Suzette Joselyn, the daughter of opera singers, who visits him backstage with her eccentric aunt. The attraction is immediate, but Suzette is engaged to another. When her fiance jilts her and she learns she's pregnant, Suzette goes to America and is reunited with Black Lion. He proposes they marry, but will his passion for Suzette jeopardize his mission? Or will she be the one to help him save his people? (Berkley Sensation, Mar., 350 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin