Image of The Last Whisper in the Dark: A Novel (Terrier Rand)


Image of The Last Whisper in the Dark: A Novel (Terrier Rand)

Piccirilli’s second book about the Rand family draws the reader in immediately. While many of their actions are unlawful, the characters are so interesting it is impossible not to root for them. Terry’s desperation and emotion pour off of the page. The conclusion will stick with readers and keep them thinking about the book long after they are done.

Terrier Rand’s family of thieves and con men is still recovering from the demise of Collie, who was given the death penalty. Terry’s old friend, Chub, disappears after a heist gone wrong and, while looking for him, Terry meets resistance from his vicious associates. Then, Terry takes a walk on the wild side with a sexy divorcée. Meanwhile, his estranged relatives try to recruit him for their schemes. He must decide which direction he wants his life to go in before he gets into trouble he can’t find a way out of. (BANTAM, Jul., 336 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Bonavita