Second in Levine's Jaine Austen series, this humor-laced mystery focuses on screenwriter Jaine Austen. She has finally landed a job writing for the "Muffy 'n Me" television series, and her life is one complete comedy of errors, from her encounters with the show's self-absorbed cast to the culinary delights—or lack thereof—at the studio commissary.

When an illicit encounter between Muffy (played by artificially enhanced actress Vanessa Dennis) and her on-camera uncle Biff (studio stud Quinn Kirkland) leads to Quinn's death by a poisoned doughnut, Kandi, Jaine's writing colleague, becomes the prime suspect. Jaine feels honor-bound to search for the true killer—thereby saving her friend from the fashion nightmare of an orange jumpsuit.

Zany Jaine is a crafty, likeable sleuth, as she teams up with an L.A. Detective to find the murderer. From her woes with kitty Prozac to the outlandish e-mails she receives from her shopping network-obsessed parents, Jaine has plenty on her plate. This down-to-earth, comical mystery will bring enjoyment and laughter to many a reader. (Jul. '03, 234 pp., $22.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick