Claire Cosi's New York coffee shop, the Village Blend, is hosting a party during Fashion Week. Fashion's newest darling, Lottie Harmon, designed her Java Jewelry in the coffee shop and even met her two partners there, so she feels a special affinity for Claire and the Village Blend.

All is going smoothly—other than the stunning editor who's hanging on the arm of Matt, Claire's ex and her business partner—until a guest drops dead after drinking half a latte, and his date is rushed to the hospital. When Claire's barista, Tucker, is arrested for murder (the victim was his ex-boyfriend), Claire vows to prove him innocent.

This is the third book in a delightful series that keeps getting better. Claire is a captivating narrator who offers lots of interesting snippets of information and history behind New York landmarks. This is just one of the many pleasing aspects of these books, along with the many interesting coffee facts. The supporting characters are well-drawn, and with all the fashion industry insiders and hangers-on she has plenty to work with. The action is fast-paced and there is a big twist at the end that you won't see coming. (Aug., 256 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lorraine Gelly