Vicky Bliss is back, and everybody wants her! One of Peters' most beloved heroines returns after a 14-year absence, and Vicky has lost none of her wit, guts or sense of the absurd. Fans of this series know that if Vicky is in trouble, the mysterious "Sir John Smythe" must be close by. A wonderfully ingenious and offbeat plot delivers humor, zippy dialogue and dangerous escapades in full measure.

Life has been reasonably calm for Munich Museum assistant curator Dr. Vicky Bliss. Her lover, John Tregarth, has "retired" from his criminal ways, and Vicky still has her inquisitive boss, Dr. Anton Schmidt, wrapped around her finger. Then Vicky and John's old friend Feisal turns up with stunning news: Someone has stolen King Tut's mummy.

Feisal begs them to help recover the missing mummy. So the race is on, as Vicky, John and Schmidt try to figure out who took the dead king and why? Racing across continents with both the police and various underworld thieves in pursuit feels like old times! (MORROW, Aug., 336 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith