Image of On Lavender Lane: A Shelter Bay Novel


Image of On Lavender Lane: A Shelter Bay Novel

Shelter Bay is a town that envelops readers in warmth. This latest entry in the series features a lovely romance that rolls in with the inevitability of the tide. Suspense is created by a secondary storyline. Ross features returning SEALs and Marines as her heroes and in a very nurturing way. They may have problems with re-entry, but they are certainly not incapacitated by their experiences. This series should appeal to fans of Robyn Carr. Warning – it is also a foodie book that will leave you hungry — and hungry for the next book too!

Lucas Chaffee got out of the Navy to go into business with his dad, only to get home just in time for his father’s death. He feels a little disconnected, but the friends and family in this special town already have some plans for him. Sofia wants him to redesign her farmhouse, Lavender Lane, into a restaurant. Since Sofia was the one to adopt Lucas and his father after a family tragedy years ago, Lucas definitely wants to help her. There is just one hitch. Sofia is also the grandmother of the one girl he has always loved, the girl whose heart he broke in high school. Madeline’s heart was truly crushed when Lucas betrayed her, but she has moved on. She fulfilled her dream of becoming a chef, married an even more famous one and has two cooking shows on TV, plus a line of cookware. Then her husband publicly humiliates her with an illicit sex video, and she decides it is time to get out of the rat race for a bit and visit her gram back in Shelter Bay. Whom does she meet right away? Lucas. It seems fate has given them a do-over. (SIGNET, Jan., 400 pp., $7.99)
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Bunny Callahan