Image of Lavender Morning (Edilean)


Image of Lavender Morning (Edilean)

A wonderful small-town setting,
amazing dialogue and well-developed secondary characters make this a
great opening for Deveraux's new series. Unfortunately, the story is
hampered by misplaced flashbacks
and a central character who isn't allowed to develop as fully as the
secondary ones.

Jocelyn Minton receives an unexpected inheritance -- a house! -- from the woman who practically raised her. But with the house comes the understanding that there was more to Edilean Harcourt than Joce ever knew. So Joce comes to Edilean, Va., to claim her inheritance and find the true story behind the woman she loved so much.

Instead of answers, she encounters a town full of friendly people who all seem to know more about the story of Edilean's life than they wish to divulge. As she gets to know Luke, her gardener, and Ramsey, her attorney, she finds a kindred spirit who will help her find the answers she so desperately seeks, including the keys to her own heart. (ATRIA, Apr., 375 pp., 25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Stacey Agdern