Image of Law Man (Dream Man)


Image of Law Man (Dream Man)

Sizzling-hot talent Ashley really knocks one out of the park with the third installment of her Dream Man series. Law Man has everything – humor, sexy sizzle, gut-punching emotion and an element of danger — all wrapped up in an exhilarating package. The addition of heart-tugging kids to the mix elevates this story to a new level. This book really hits all the right notes; Ashley is on the fast track to becoming a superstar!

Due to her abusive trailer- park upbringing, Mara Hanover has self-esteem issues when it comes to men — which is why she has only observed her sexy police detective neighbor, Mitch Lawson, from afar. Then a water leak brings him to her door, and she can no longer hide. When an urgent call comes in from her cousin Bill’s two young children, Mara must once again ride to their rescue. However, this time, Mitch insists on coming along. Discovering just how bad the kids’ living conditions are makes Mara decide to take them and file for custody. Cousin Bill is mixed up in dangerous stuff that is threatening to spill over onto Mara and the kids, but not if Mitch has anything to say about it. (FOREVER, Dec., 544 pp., $7.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith