Image of Lawless (Corcoran Team)


Image of Lawless (Corcoran Team)
LAWLESS (4.5) by HelenKay Dimon: New Corcoran member Joel Kidd walked away from the woman he was afraid to build a life with. When her father hires him to aid his daughter, Joel drops everything for the woman he loves. Tough, savvy Hope Algier leads outdoor adventures for companies’ team-building exercises. But when one of her charges goes missing in the West Virginia back country and she seems to be the target of a stalker, she doesn’t know if she’s grateful for Joel’s arrival or frightened of what he’ll do to her shattered heart. With twists and turns in the woods, secrets by the truckload and enough suspects to fray readers’ nerves, the latest Corcoran Team entry will keep readers guessing to the last chapter.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper