Image of Lawless, Texas (Leisure Historical Romance)


Image of Lawless, Texas (Leisure Historical Romance)

Smith's story and setting are reminiscent of a John Wayne western. The bad guys and good guys are clearly delineated; the town is gritty but not too gritty;
and the citizens come together in times of crisis. The romances between Jace and Sammie and Mary and Grant are sweet, with little sexual tension. Readers will be entertained and find themselves cheering for the good guys in the
final shootout.

Lawless, Texas, is the hangout for notorious outlaw Harley King and his gang. After King guns down the sheriff, a local rancher sends for Jace Madison, who became renowned when he tracked down and brought to justice the outlaws who killed his fiancee in a stagecoach robbery.

When Jace arrives in Lawless, he meets stable owner Sammie Preston, who can't disguise her beauty beneath the men's clothes she wears. Love develops between the two as Sammie helps Jace rally the townspeople and prepare them to defeat the King gang when they ride into town again. (Leisure, Aug., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Roberts