Olivia is trying to hold onto her home and the baby she carries. A widow, she hasn't even got her good name since her husband took it with him when he committed suicide. The last thing she needs is to see her childhood sweetheart.

Cal Devlin has finally returned from fighting the war on the wrong side. The townspeople think he's a traitor and he is soon the victim of a rough welcoming party. The only one brave enough to stand up for him is Olivia.

When he comes to thank her, he ends up rescuing her. While he waits to hear of her recovery, he's caught in a gunfight that has Gillespie Falls offering him the job of sheriff. With nothing to lose and Olivia's love to regain, he accepts. Cal soon finds himself fighting the evil intent of the town's most powerful man.

Cal and Olivia realize that despite being apart for many years, their love is still true. But will they discover it in time to destroy the evil hunting them or will greed sever the only hope left for Olivia to get her lawman?

This is not a story for those seeking a light read. Sometimes uncomfortably gritty, LAWMAN explores a woman's survival and determination to reclaim a normal life after a traumatic experience. Ms. Grant's characters are real and deeply moving people, the setting rich, and LAWMAN holds up a mirror that some may not wish to peer into. SENSUAL (June, 347 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black