Image of Lawman Lover


Image of Lawman Lover
LAWMAN LOVER (4.5) by Lisa Childs: For undercover DEA agent Rowe Cusack, the only way out of the corrupt confines of Blackwoods Penitentiary is in a body bag. He’s just got to promise the inmate who helped him to protect his sister. Macy Kleyn gave up everything to help prove her brother wasn’t a murderer, and helping Rowe at her brother’s request could cost her her life. They only have each other to rely on, and Rowe and Macy soon find out that’s enough. Childs doesn’t miss a trick — prison breaks, drug smuggling and corrupt officials — as she piles on the twists and turns that will keep readers speeding through the pages until the wee hours.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper