This second book in Leigh's Fraser Brothers series features Colt Fraser, who's traveling to California when his stage is robbed. He's stranded in Arena Roja with fellow passengers Cassie and Jeff Braden, two of the sheriff's children. He accepts the sheriff's invitation to act as his deputy to be near Cassie.

The sharp-tongued Cassie can ride and shoot as well as any man. She's also promised to marry Ted McBride when he returns from the war. The more time Cassie and Colt spend together, though, the more their attraction burns.

Obstacles pile up, including a bank robbery, a shooting, overflowing lust, Ted's surprising return, guilt, passion, kidnapping and a daring rescue. But can Colt prove to Cassie that they are meant for each other and that their love is worth talking a chance on -- and even changing her life for?

This novel is filled with funny moments -- especially those caused by the three troublemaking children in Cassie's care -- and moments of poignancy as Cassie realizes that she can be strong and womanly at the same time. Leigh is a wonderful writer who tells great story. SENSUAL (Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager