Image of The Lawman's Christmas Wish (Love Inspired)


Image of The Lawman's Christmas Wish (Love Inspired)
THE LAWMAN’S CHRISTMAS WISH (4) by Linda Goodnight: Widow Amy James is not ready to think about marrying again. As one of the direct descendants of the founder of Treasure Creek, Alaska, she is well liked and many of the men there wish to care for her and her sons. One of those men is Police Chief Reed Truscott, her husband’s best friend. Reed promised Amy’s husband that he’d watch over her. Though he thinks marrying her is the best way to do that, Amy will marry only for love and neither she nor Reed is willing to admit their true feelings for one another. This sadly concludes the delightful Alaskan Bride Rush series. It nicely ties up all loose ends while imparting a lovely romance between longtime friends.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley